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seeking work in UK/EU


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Hi there

I’m a recent graduate from Heriot Watt’s Masters programme, I’m presently based in the UK (hence the UK spelling) & are looking for distilling work.

Previous to studying in Scotland I was an assistant winemaker & worked all over the world in the wine industry in premium wineries for 6 years, where I worked extensively with ferments, barrel usage.

Although I’m presently in the UK I’d be interested in distilling work elsewhere, be it Europe, the States or Australasia.

My masters thesis at Heriot Watt centred on the flavour & aroma differences in new make based on the presence & absence of lactobacillus.

I have a strong desire to further my career in the craft spirits industry, & wish to work towards producing top shelf spirits with the same attention to detail as in the wine industry.

My contact email address is


Below I've also supplied a copy of my resume and would be more than happy to supply a copy of my masters thesis as well



resume2 copy.doc

resume2 copy.doc

resume2 copy.doc

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