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FS: 900'ish gallon open fermenter

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I've got a butt-ugly 900'ish gallon stainless tank that I need gone. It's single wall, open top (loose fitting steel lid available), slight conical bottom, 2" bottom dump port, 1.5" triclamp ferrule on the front. Some dummy painted this thing grey on the outside and did some questionable welding on the inside, but it works just fine as a non-sanitary fermenter - or a cold liquor tank - or maybe with a little chopping it could be converted to a decent sized mash vessel.

It's approximate measurements are 9' tall with a 6' diameter

Not willing to ship this thing, so pickup only. I can forklift it onto your trailer, or if you're not too far away from us, I can lend you a trailer to haul this thing off.



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