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distillery stills, fermentation tanks and more for sale

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We are offering distillery production equipment for sale including column stills, hybrid pot stills, and several different sizes of fermentation tanks.


We also have 55 gallon stainless steel transfer tanks (barrel style). They are on rollers with lids.

They are great for moving unfinished liquid between different areas of the distillery.

I need to get pictures of those uploaded. They are $900.

If you have any questions, you can email us for more info. info@tetonvodka.com

This was submitted to bill@distilling.com for approval.

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Updated new website address.


Any purchase includes a complimentary 3 days of hands on training at our distillery.

All Distillery Equipment displayed on this page was designed to specifications for Grand Teton Distillery and is used in our regular daily production to achieve our award winning results.

If you would like to purchase a similar setup for your distillery, we will provide the same quality production equipment and training.

Manufacturing and shipping time is estimated at 90-120 days for all items.

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