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My background was never in distilling, and I have now spent nearly 4 years putting together my Hawaiian Agricole concept. It has taken a long time to get moving for many reasons, not the least of which involves starting a farm and navigating the difficult business environment that is Hawaii. We are finally harvesting and starting some small scale experiments in a nearly working production setting. If I could do one thing over again, I would have brought in the team I had on site over the last couple of weeks very early on. So many of my delays and hurdles would have been easily navigated at the onset if I had these guys helping with the setup from the beginning.

Anyone at an early phase should seriously consider budgeting to bring these three guys out to your site to review your plan and uncover all those hidden land mines you just seem to only find when they blow your legs off.

Sherman Owen - Artisan Resources

Sherman can do anything from setting up a sugar cane mill to sensory lessons on perfect cuts.

Steven Cage - Artisan Still Design

Steven custom builds amazing stills at an affordable price. He is incredibly hard working and gets things done.

Donald Snyder - Whiskey Resources

Donald has a vast wealth of regulatory knowledge and has a suite of products to help you navigate all the TTB madness easily and effectively.

Early on I was pinching every penny to just get myself moving. I would have saved a small fortune if these guys had come out for a one week visit to review everything with me.


Robert Dawson

Manulele Distillers, LLC

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