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Looking for Design/Web/Ad work


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Howdy all,

If you didn't know, I was an Art/Creative Director for twenty years before jumping into the distilling business. We're still fine tuning our distilling processes and products so I need to strum up some freelance work to keep my wife happy, ya'll know how that goes...

Here are some ballpark figures for design work:

A small responsive CMS website like the one I built for Cascade Alchemy is about $2,000. Try loading it on your mobile device, it will change its shape.

Label design is $250 or so, depending on complexity.

Branding/Logo work is $750, you'll get a graphic standards with it.

Sales Sheet (Duplex) is $500 if you provide all images/content.

Hang tags are $100 or so, depending on complexity.

Collateral package (bcards, letterhead, envelope) is $500.

Photography is a flat $45 an hour, you own all images taken.

If you want to pay by the hour for design work, it's $35.

Pricing does not include printing and can change due to complexity of work required.

You can check out my design work here -> This is some old stuff back when I owned an Ad agency. Yep, I've worn many hats.

Drop me an email and lets make your venture shine!

Ross Wordhouse


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