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How to handle requests for promo items?

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We're a small outfit, 1200 sq', one man band sort of outfit. I don't have any promotional items other than t-shirts. I got an e-mail from a guy who says "we are fans, customers and now servers of your rum." they go on to wish us the best and then ask that we send them some xxl t-shirts and some promo items to "class up the place". That place being their private bar.

A quick google search of the address given returns a picture of a tiny yellow house in a residential community, so I think "private" means "my house".

How would you best handle this sort of thing? Polite pass? Offer a discount? Ask for their state license number that all bars, public and private have?

While I'm flattered that someone WANTS my stuff, I don't like being scammed.



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This will only increase, I also like the... "Hey, you should give us a bunch of your product for our party, it will give you a ton of exposure because I know a lot of people."

Just thank them for their support.

Yes, hear that about two times a week.

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