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10 Gallon Alembic Copper Still - Any Good for Formula Testing?


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Ive been looking for a cheap still to do some formula testing on and was wondering if a 10 gallon alembic still like this has any real use. IE if i took the same wash and put it in this and made proper cuts would the spirit taste similar if I put that same wash into a 250 gallon pot still.


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If you were using a similar style still for the larger production batches then I'd say you'll be able to translate very well to larger batches. If you use a different style still (column) then you won't get the same results without some serious playing around.

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while you may not get an exact 1:1 between that and your product on a larger still, its still a good place to start.

you can at least see what your distillate tastes like and get your mash formulated before you begin.

there is something to be said about a smaller version of your production still for proofing.if you have your DSP already you can begin production on a smaller sale, you can put some samples together for tasting with vendors and potential investors with the confidence it will be the same as you put into larger volume production.

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