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heading out for some tours


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My partner's and I are heading from the Cincinnati area to the Louisville and Lexington area. We are looking for some smaller distilleries to stop by if anyone would like to extend an invitation. We will be going next week some time. Were not really interested in the big ones

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not a small setup but a nice and organized one is Town Branch.

Limestone branch distillery is off the beaten path but that guy has stretched his dollar to make things happen. He has such a pretty front end of the shop. seems like if I were him I'd aim to have as many tour buses as I could come through there. Nice guy to boot. Basic setup, he's got a hoga and some sort of stripping still built out of a transtore tank. Lots of open fermentation barrels and sour mash all done by hand it looks like.

There are a few guys Ive seen doing classes but I forget the name. He did a talk with us at Moonshine U. Nice fellow also, I could see him being as helpful as possible. Vet, took a leap of faith starting up and seems to be making good forward progress with his endeavors.

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My partner has been to limestone. We went to old pouge in Maysville, and I have to say they are making an exceptional product in a very small space. Maybe 500 sq ft for the still 4 fermenter s a mash tun tasting room and barrel storage. Very nice people great booze and a beautiful vendome still.

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