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Benefit of offering a liqueur?

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We are currently finalizing our initial spirits offering and are considering producing a liqueur to offer as well. We think that offering a liqueur would give an option to people who don't like hard liquor, and therefor give them a product they would buy. Has anyone else dealt with this? Thanks.

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I don't know Indiana law and don't know if you are planning to have a tasting room and can have on-site sales, but I will throw this in there. I requested tasting room sales data from the state of Oregon (OLCC) for several distilleries and in 80% of them the number one selling skus ($ wise) were liqueurs.

If you are in a control state request that information before hand and see if you can get it. I paid like 25$ for the processing here in OR.

Good Luck


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Liqueurs is all we do at the moment. It is a large market that is difficult to get into if you don't find a niche and really really really REALLY work on the quality of your product. We are currently making 21 flavors of both single and multi-tone organic liqueurs and marketing them simultaneously to several different markets. For most distilleries which produce mostly the big 5 alcohols (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey) a liqueur is a great way to differentiate yourself from everyone else. There are a million vodka and whiskey makers out there.

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