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steam powered shell and tube condenser instant hot water heater,$2500

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I am selling a used "Jet-Vac Shell and tube condenser" instant hot water heater. This hot water heater is steam powered off your boiler and allows you to make unlimited amounts of hot water up to 211 degrees at up 30GPM. It is big, about 6~7 feet tall and all stainless. Built in 1994 the nameplate says it is rated to 30 GPM. It was included with my boiler when I bought the boiler (15hp Fulton) but I don't need it. I've seen it in operation but have not used it myself. The outside insulation jacket is cracked and split in a couple of places from moving but other than that is worked fine. Included are the NTP flanges to hook into your boiler steam loop as well as a custom built stand. Nameplate says its rated up to 75psi and the original owner had it running at 60psi. A pressure regulator, relief valve and tempering valve are NOT included. You must use a tempering/mixing valve after the heater to get the exact water temp you need. See attached pics for more info. I'm selling at $2500 to get rid of it quick as I just don't need it. Shipping not included and its big and heavy. For more Contact Kevin at six03-five12-zero455. Located in Seabrook, NH




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