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I am close to applying for a DSP and wanted to make sure I understand the basic timeline. As I understand it, I need 1) bonding, 2) Federal DSP, and 3) State and local approvals.


How much time will it take to get bonded? Any suggestions for where to obtain the bond?


How much time will it take to get the DSP?


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Your timeline is right in the general sense. I actually started by finding a suitable location, and ensuring that it met all local zoning/fire/building codes standards, and that the local folks agreed with my interpretation of the code (most important part of local approval). Next, I put together all of my organizational documents, obtained bonds, signed a lease, obtained serial numbers for my equipment (it was under construction), developed my statement of production, floorplan, equipment list etc. I then filed my federal application. It only took 24 days for our approval, but this varies greatly from application to application. Here is a link to the TTB page with average processing times for DSP applications: http://www.ttb.gov/nrc/average-days.shtml

I began the local process soon after I signed the lease. After hiring an architect (required by the local officials), it only took a couple of weeks to get building permits approved. Once your equipment is installed, you'll likely need an inspection to obtain final building/fire code approval.

The timing of your state application will depend on the regulations in your state. In Idaho, it's a very short application that basically shows the state your federal permit number, and some basic information. But, other states like Montana have much more detailed state applications, so I recommend looking at all levels of the application process from day one to ensure you don't encounter delays later.

As far as bonds go, contact Jennifer Royal. She is based out of San Francisco, but she issued our federal and state bonds very quickly and efficiently. It really only takes a couple of days to get your bond once she recieves your signed documents. She can also give you some guidance in calculating the amount of your bond, and she will fill out the bond form for submittal with your federal application. Here is her email address: Jennifer.Royall@johnsutakrisk.com

Good luck!!

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