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Equipment change amendment on DSP permit


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I'm adding some new equipment (an additional Still, IBC fermenters, additional proofing tank) and am trying to figure out how to create the amendment on the TTB site. When I go to create an amendment to my DSP permit I am presented with the following choices on the TTB site:

- Add / Remove Alternation of DSP Premises
- Add / Remove DSP Alternation of Proprietor
- Add / Remove DSP Trade Name
- Add / Remove Non-Contiguous DSP Premises Bond - Superseding / Strengthening
- Change in DSP Bonded Premises (extended, curtailed, or modify)
- Change in DSP Operations or Production Procedures
- Change in DSP Premises Location
- Change in Security DSP Receiving Spirits or Denatured Spirits by Transfer in Bond

None of them seem to pertain to changes in equipment. The amendment description webpage at https://www.ttbonline.gov/permitsonline/h/AmendmentAppDesc.htm

says there should be a choice of

- Change in DSP Equipment, Construction or Use of Building

but there isn't.

Has anyone done this lately and what was the procedure?


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