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Hello from North Georgia!

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Hello Everyone. I am currently in the planning phases, have a site picked out and currently working with local officials to see if it's viable for a distillery. My passion is whiskey, but would like some flexibilty in production--right now I'm going slightly crazy picking out a still or designing and having one built. Being overwhelmed by options is a good problem to have. There are fewer than 10 (I believe, at last count) legal distilleries in our state, and I look forward to opening up for business in a couple years time. I'm looking to house the business in White County, GA, where there is significant tourism and a several good wineries/vineyards. This also provides opportunity for good sourcing, I would also like to produce a few types of brandy using local grapes, pears, and apples.

My business plan is "complete," but always in process as I discover new information, roadblocks, etc. I want to run a respectable business, craft an exemplary product, but do it "down and dirty" as Mr. Owens puts it. My biggest concern is reducing cost where possible without sacrificing quality/aesthetic--I don't want to run a moonshine shack, but I don't want to run a glitzy operation either. Solid footing is my primary goal going into the business.

I've been pouring over the forums for a while now, recently picking through it obsessively, filling my head with all the excellent information provided. Thanks to the founders of the site, and thanks to all the amazing contributors--if nothing else I'm confident I'm entering and industry populated with wise and good folk. Looking forward to the journey.


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