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Two Thumbs up for Whiskey Resources!

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We just finished up a week of work with Donald Snyder of Whiskey Resources and we couldn't be more pleased. He came to our distillery having done some homework on us and quickly dug right in. After a process "walk through" he developed a custom tailored program for tracking, recording and reporting all of the data necessary for in house operations and quality assurance and most importantly, everything we need to stay on top of our TTB reports. He is very easy to work with and knows so many people in the industry that if a question arises that he doesn't have an answer for, he can reach out to any number of true industry experts and get the answer. We now use an iPad mini out in the distillery to do most of our data entry, and it's working out great! We covered so much more during his week with us than i can mention, but I just wanted to pass along our experience and say thanks again to Don, great job.

Brad Measel

Flat Rock Spirits

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