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New COLA issues - 'Spirits' in Brand Name

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I'm wondering of anyone else has had similar problems recently.

I've had all this winter's brandy COLAs returned for correction for using the word 'spirits' in the brand name. As in 'AeppelTreow Spirits'. Which I have listed in my basic permit as one of my brand names. And it has worked fine since 2009. But now I've been getting a double hit for using a 'Class/type designation ina brnad or fanciful name' (Which is one of my own pet peeves - 'Tennesse Cider' using a wine class/type on a spirit product.) The second hit is redundant - using conflicting declarations of class and type, e.g 'Spirits' and 'Brandy'.

I've gotten them all resolved by explaining that 'spirits', by itself, isn't a defined class/type. Without even making them go into the COLA public registry and pulling up all the COLAs that use 'spirits' in the brand name. Hundreds. Per year.

But I have had to do it more than once. Perhaps more than one new reviewer joining the ALFD?


AEppelTreow Cider & Spirits (whoops - there's that pesky class/type again)

AeppelTreow Winery & Distillery.

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