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Hello all. I am introducing a new consulting firm and hopefully what will be a one stop shop if you will for small distilleries. I am offering consulting services at a reasonable rate. Usually way cheaper than the competition. Also, as I know money when starting up can be tight, I can work with you on payment. I have years of experience. I can consult in all areas. I can also troubleshoot problems in a distillery. Most of the time, everything can be handled from a distance and rarely does a site visit have to be done. I am also, announcing that I am the distributor for betatec hop products. Hops have been used in large distilleries for years, but I am finding most micro distilleries are unaware of this. Not for flavoring, but to protect mash from lactobacillus and any other gram positive bacteria. We also carry vita hop yeast nutrient. In places I have used this product, even in a distillery where cleaning was of the utmost concern, hop extract has boosted the yeild by keeping lactobacillus at bay taking stress off the yeast. I am happy to speak with anybody about consultation and hop extract and nutrients. I also am planning to have enymes used in distilling soon, packaged in smaller quantities so you do not have to buy a big five gallon pail. I plan to offer malt and yeast in the future too. Please pm me or send an email to distilleryresources@ gmail.com also checkout betatec hop products at www.betatechopproducts.com Thanks!

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