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Any reading material to get started?


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Hello Everybody.

Im looking to get started distilling. I have been brewing beer for a little while and there is no shortage of books/videos on the subject for beginners.

I am having a bit more problems finding out information on distilling.

Can anybody point me in the right direction of a book or video that has the basics? Maybe one on how a still or column still works?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!


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Very soon I will have some short books covering different aspects of Distilling available first on Ebook through amazon. Depending on how it works, I may go into print. The information in these will be unlike what is out there now. I will take old production methods that make the best products, and teach the reader how to incompatible these techniques into their operation in a micro distillery. There is so much misinformation out there. This will be the first published info that is correct by industry standards for micro distilleries. The first section will be on the sour mash process. A short history of it, why it is used and how to put it to work for you. I am up for ideas, what would the reader here like to know, but have not been able to find a reliable source of information on?

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Thanks man, I am sure you will find them enjoyable. I may have the first one done this week. It will be downloadable on kindle. For a modest price. It will be the first book of real information available to micro distillers ever printed. There have been a lot of books that just have plain wrong info in them. The methods I will present are time tested. I have put a lot of time into the first one in the series and hope they sell well. But mainly I hope to stem the flood of bad products coming from distillers who think they are doing it the right way. Consumers are looking for better products, and micros can produce them, under the right operating conditions.

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