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Any reading material to get started?


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Hello Everybody.

Im looking to get started distilling. I have been brewing beer for a little while and there is no shortage of books/videos on the subject for beginners.

I am having a bit more problems finding out information on distilling.

Can anybody point me in the right direction of a book or video that has the basics? Maybe one on how a still or column still works?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!


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I've collected a small library of distilling, brewing, and wine making books over the years but here are the few that i've found most helpful in my studies:

1. The Compleat Distiller, by Nixon & McCaw. This is a great starting book with tons of very detailed useful information I would definitely suggest reading it.

2. A practical Treatise on Raw Materials and the Distillation and Rectification of Alcohol and the Preparation of Alcoholic Liquors, Liqueurs, Cordials, and Bitters, By William T. Brannt. Great book with tons of useful information but a very heavy read.

3. Manufacture of Whiskey Brandy & Cordials, by Irving Hirsch

Hope these are helpful.

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