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Az Wholesaler/ Distributor

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Hell all, I have been following for a while, till I figured I should join in. I am in the final process on a wholesale/distribution license in Arizona. If anyone would like their products in Az please contact me and perhaps we can all help eachother. I am also very interested to in person Helping any and all distillers in Southern Cal and AZ, please day hello so we can talk




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Hello Logan, I must apologize. In spite of the clearly marked sentence "not to respond to the email" I did so out of habit. So now that I have myself straightened out I would like to respond to your posting.

Yes I am very interested in an AZ distributor. We have around 70 wholesale accounts now and I have actually been looking for someone in AZ to distribute our products.

Please email me at dgtuttle@bresnan.net so we can discuss further and so I can give you my phone number.

Thanks! Beast

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