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reuters report on craft distilling


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Ok I bought it and while reading and analyzing the data I realized that I had found most of the information already without spending the $150. Also they had a pretty serious typo on per capita consumption confusing Liters with Gallons so that did make me question the entire report but after reviewing the other material I had previously found for free I was able to substantiate the information. All in all a couple hours on the computer would work just the same. Also I did find some discrepancies on the actual number of craft distillers in the report versus other information I have found currently I am still trying to sort those figures out. The main benefit is it is already in a spread sheet form and the write up is concise. They also have some projection data but I think it is optimistically based on the growth trend post recession. So is it worth it? In my opinion not really when I had found most of the information already and the formulation of their information was identical to what I had found making me think they just compiled the same sources I used and resold it for $150.

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I ordered this from Research & Markets. I quickly discovered I made a mistake. First, the Terms & Conditions are crazy. It's 10 to 14 business days to delivery. Secondly, no "free" email addresses. So, forget sending it to your personal account. Corporate only. Third, the company is headquartered in Ireland. So, you pay to cal them in Ireland and they answer in Ireland time. Finally, your transaction is non-refundable, so you will have to fight them to get your money back once you discover you should have listened to Skyler and spent the time.

Try American Craft Distillers Association website at http://www.americancraftspirits.org/2014-inaugural-convention.html for some great presentations that can help you with your plan.

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