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Betatec hop products now available

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I am pleased to announce that I know have hop extract for keeping lactobacillus out of fermentations. Hops have been used in yeast mashes in Ky for generations. Now the same stuff they use is now available to you. Used in small doses, there is no noticeable flavor or aroma carryover into the product. Yeilds of a gallon or better to the bushel are common. No matter the lengths you go to to clean, you have lacto in your plant. And if using malt, you are introducing it directly. This is an all natural product. I also have a yeast nutrient available that beats everything on the market. Vita hop. Due to costs I am unable to do free samples. I am offering 16 oz samples of the hop extract for 65 bucks for plus shipping. This will allow you to evaluate it and see the benefits depending on your size for quite some time. it is worth the money. A few on the board here have tried it and they can speak for it themselves. It works. Pm me and we can discuss further. Thanks!

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