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Distillery Operations - Full time or Consulting


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Looking for full time work as Operations Director / Manager for a distillery in south central Wisconsin.

Also can travel to your area for consulting work.

Feel free to reach out to discuss.

Operations / Supply Chain Professional.

Experience running Operations for 25,000 square foot distillery.

Vast experience in Process Optimization. (Six Sigma Green Belt)

Vast experience in Supply Chain Management.

Experience in Product Development and Project Management.

Experience with Patent processes and Intellectual Property.

Advanced experience in all aspects of ERP selection and set up.

I could help with any of the following. References available.

§ Planning and forecasting sales, production and shipments

§ Compliance tax tracking and reporting

§ Contract creation, proofing and negotiation

§ Sourcing of all materials, processing equipment and bottling equipment

§ Cost Accounting analysis across product lines

§ Production purchasing

§ Logistics management

§ Warehouse management

§ Production team management

§ Asset management – planning maintenance



Matt Acker

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