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Hello from Charlotte NC, SC or NC?

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Hello to all

I came across ADI and its forums when I had started writing my first business plan ever. I have always had a side business throughout my life; but I worked directly for the customer and not a market. I was just looking into how much it costs and what permits were needed get started...When my wife bought me a tour ticket to Muddy River Distillery in Belmont NC which is about 5 miles from my house. Since then I have not stopped in my efforts to see exactly WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHO.....

Then just before the July 4th weekend my father calls me and asks me if I was still working on my business plan. When I said yes he told me he had a group of friends looking to invest. So I have been nonstop trying to get a preliminary business plan together. I want to make the best first impression I can.

So what I have at this point is a question of which state SC or NC? I want to start in the Charlotte NC area. I found 2 separate SC state permit requirements that 1 says I must be a resident and the other does not require that. * I own land in York County SC and live in Charlotte NC.

I have chosen the name Damn Yankee Distilling . I have a few product ideas but location seems to be the foremost issue at this time. Then secondly the matter of funding. In that I have setup my business plan with 3 separate plan options A,B,C. A being small and C being Troy and Sons size.

I do have alot more than this down and have devoted at least 2 months of the majority of my spare time to researching and brain storming. So much that my wife said this past Saturday I was talking out loud in my sleep... She said I sounded like I was on the phone with someone saying "Watermellon brandy.... Thats how I will stand out." And that never crossed my mind until then....

I am very flexible with my plan at this time and will take any all advice/critism I can get. I will not take offense to anything. I have a friend who is considering being my marketing/sales side of this who has pointed out stuff I had not considered.

Thanks to all and Hello from Damn Yankee Disitlling wherever it may start.

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