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Complete and All New iStill Pro Distillery Now Available

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With the iStill Masher and iStill Fermenter in place, we now offer you a complete distillery. One Masher, Five Fermenters, One iStill One, and the iStill 250.

The equipment is assembled and tested at your distilling site. Full product training is part of the deal.

Please read: http://wp.me/p3pXcR-lD

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iStill now offers a complete distillery set-up:

  • The iStill Masher: a natural gas and direct steam fired masher with computer aided mashing at 2,000 liter capacity;
  • The iStill Fermenter: a water jacketed, electrically heated, 2,000 liter capacity fermenter, that’s fully computer controlled;
  • The iStill One (formerly known as the iStripper);
  • The iStill 250;
  • The iStill Pump for easy mash and low wines transfer.

Envision one masher, five fermenters, one iStill One, and one iStill 250, and you will have a complete distillery set-up, fine-tuned for complete proces & system integration.

Setting-up a distillery used to be a frustrating and capital intensive affair. Frustrating, because of bottle-neck management. Normally, a distiller would have either too little capacity at mashing or at distilling. The integrated design, as proposed above, takes care of that. No more bottle-necks. Each and every part of the production proces in the iStill Distillery is exactly tuned to work optimally together with the other parts.

And how about capital investment? To set-up a pro distillery used to cost around a million bucks. When you buy the complete iStill Distillery, you will get better performance, more flexibility, and save € 830,000. Yes, really, we offer this turn-key distillery, including assemby and testing and instruction on location for just € 170,000!

What it gives you production wise? Here are the numbers for a five day per week, one man operation:

  • Make 1,500 liters of (for example) 8.5% mash per day with the iStill Masher;
  • Ferment 1,500 liters of wash per day (on a 5 day fermentation scheme – extra long for additional taste for whiskey, brandy or rum);
  • Which translates to around 250 liters of 40% cut and ready to market product per day;
  • Enough to fill over 350 bottles of 0.7 liters each;
  • Per week that’s 1,750 bottles;
  • With a margin of € 3.- per bottle, you will be making € 5,200 a week;
  • That’s € 240,000 of gross profit per year, holidays included (well, you still have to sell those bottles!);
  • Return on investment within one year!
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What is the price of the iStill masher? Don't need an exact quote, just a ballpark number to shoot for.

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