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I was going to respond in a humorous mannor on this. A fantasy equation to relate how you will find the amount your business plan calls for will only be a fraction of what you'll eventually need. A "minimum bond" is what you are liable for during your production period. I believe you have to state this in your application for a DSP. How many of us have started with a minimum amount, say $16K only to have to rewrite for up to $50K. For the cost difference between the two, go with a higher number then you plan. The cost of the bond is not the most significant item in your plan

By the way $5K / $13.50 per proof gallon is only about 370 Proof Gallons over the reporting period. Then how about your state bond? Am I wrong?

Try a "search" on this site to find outer threads.

Look into going to the TTB Expo in Northern Kentucky this month. You'll get a lot of help and answers there.

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