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4.5bbl/600Liter/165Gallon Mash Tun $850

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Hey guys, we doubled in size on all of our fermenters, so i got a bigger mash tun. My starter mash tun is for sale, it is built on VC open top fermenter. I sized it to do 125 gallon mashes, my marks are there already for a 2lbs per gallon ratio. It has a false bottom, stand and lid. I used the racking arm to inject steam. Needless to say it has worked very well. The tanks themselves go for about $1200 and a false bottom is going to run you another $300. The stand i made out of 2x4's. Pm me for any questions or interest. This tun is located in Telluride, CO 81435 to figure out a freight quote. I apologize in advance if it takes me a couple days to respond, its elk hunting season and many days i am out guiding or looking to fill my freezer for my family. Thanks!


Telluride Distilling Company



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