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Liquor type patially covered with Graphic


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I am in the process of designing a label for Moon Shine and wondered if Moon Shine could be partially covered with a graphic?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Well, if you're in the states, moonshine is not a class or type that is recognized by the TTB so you could do that. But, you'll still have to list the class and type under the graphic your making. If it's not hitting any oak barrels, it will have to be a distilled spirits specialty. It could hit a new charred oak barrel for a moment for it to be called a whiskey, but you'll have to state the amount of time it sat on oak. This should all be outlined in your formula so that will tell you what to do.

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Thank you both very much for the reply. My computer was down for a few days so that is why the delay in getting back to you. Do you have any examples of a label with the name obscured with a graphic? I went over the COLA definitions and it does not say anything about this issue specifically and all the searches I did for moon shine labels have no examples.

Thank you.....

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