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Selling Malted Barley Syrup

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I am selling 650 pound drums of 100% malted barley extract syrup for $250 each. These are generally sold in the home beer industry, but we have some drums which are at or close to their "Best before dates". The syrup is still good and could be used for fermenting and distilling to make whiskey.

We are selling these because they are reaching the end of their sales life. They normally wholesale for about $650. The brand is Edme, it is their "superlight" syrup. It is a light color, 100% barley malt extract with no other adjuncts. The malt syrup comes in a metal 55 gallon drum. It has two openings, one 2" female pipe thread for dispensing, and a smaller 3/4" FPT for venting.

Please note: You need a special drum cradle to move and hold the drum, and a special drum tap for viscous fluids to dispense it. I can give sources for both, prices start at $100 or more for both. You would have to buy these separately. You can use a special drum opener to open it, or you can manage with a pair of pliers or screwdrivers.

I can ship these via LTL trucks and include the shipping charges. My company has good trucking discounts to the west coast (FOB San Leandro, CA 94577), and decent discounts to the rest of the US. Will accept credit cards for payment.

If you have further questions or want to purchase, please call or email Chris at Brewmaster. Chris@brewmasterInc.com, or 800-288-8922.

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