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Let's try this again, Reno NV

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Greetings and Salutations,

Earlier this year I registered as Lost River here on the forums. At that time my partner and I were still in the earlier stages of our business plan and Lost River was the name we were working under. As we went further forward and got ready to incorporate we discovered that there was likely going to be a conflict with an existing trademark for a winery in Washington so we went back to the drawing board and Forsaken River Spirits was born, at least in concept.

We are based in Reno, NV and looking to take advantage of the new laws passed by the state for craft distilleries. Our original plan had us starting at a roughly 3k case a year production level, but that, as many of you likely know, meant a large amount of capital so we are working on starting really small right away as we look for potential investors to allow us to grow to our desires.

I have not posted much on the forums, but the wealth of information here has been immeasurable despite making me rethink our designs and wants every other day. I look forward to starting to get involved in the conversations more as we move forward.

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