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Emergency access road

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Our fire department and city wants us to put in a paved road to our distillery.

We're about 300 feet away from the main road, and we currently have a gravel, 20 yard wide road.

Also, if we put in the road it will trigger a storm drain requirement because in will be over 10k in paved surface area when we consider the road and the turn around for the fire truck.

All we have received was a letter explaining that we need this road but I don't know if this is set in stone.

With the engineering survey, the material, and labor were gonna break the bank with this one.

What can we do about this problem? I have already convicted them that we don't need sprinklers and a fire hydrant. But this road things seems like it's gonna be a problem.

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Hella work getting them to allow you to opt out of the sprinklers and hydrant.....not advised, but ok.

My guess now is that they're saying to access your site with their trucks, they want a finished road so they can ensure maneuverability and trust that they won't get bogged down during deluge activities.


If you are in CA, then you probably won't be able to operate very long before you are asked for a Storm Water Protection and Prevention Plan. Maybe you should reconsider and bite the bullet on this one. Sorry I don't have an answer that you're hoping for.



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