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100 gallon copper column still for sale

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This still is un-open brand new in the create. Below are the specs for the equipment attached with an image of the same still assembled. We are asking 21,400.00, or best offer. It has a 4 inch column with 4 plates

Product Code Name/Options Taxable Backordered Lbs. Price Qty Total HBTK120 100 Gallon Micro distiller / <span style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 18pt; ">New Pics Soon</span> Y N 600 $14,900.00 1 $14,900.00 HS22000 HS 22000 Heating System Y N 25 $3,499.00 1 $3,499.00 AGPEP Agitator Pneumatic Explosion Proof Y N 40 $3,000.00 1 $3,000.00


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