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Hello from Michigan

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Hello all,

My name is Robbie, I have been the assistant winemaker at Round Barn Winery/Distillery/Brewery, in Baroda, MI, for the past 4.5 years and throughout that time I have filled in and helped with the distilling process here and there, along with doing all of the post distillation work on top of all of the winemaking.

In August, I was moved from winemaking into full time distiller, as we are trying to rebuild and amp up our distillation production since the past few years we have only been maintaining a, as needed, production schedule. I am really enjoying this new position and getting to learn distilling by being fully immersed in it and being paid to learn.

I look forward to getting in the conversations, especially as we are starting in on some new endeavors, including Agave, Gin, Whiskey mash (instead of having our brewery make it,) and some other interesting projects on top of our current production.


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