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500 gallon mash tun/beer stripper for sale

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- 550 nominal gallon capacity (580 actual), 42wx48dx74h, 10 guage stainless steel.

- Bottom has a 1" slope to drain.

- 1" sample valve with guard.

- Amphora Society constructed condensing assembly capable of condensing 400,000 BTU/HR

- 6" Grain chute

- 22" manway in top with gasketed lid, fitted with 5 in 1 pressure vacuum vent set at 3 psi positive and .25 psi vac.

- 4" drain and butterfly valve

- sprayball assembly (CPI System) installed in lid through 2" ferrule

- mixer 3 HP 220, 3ph, with two 6" mixed flow impellers.

- Double bottom connected to on side jacket to allow direct fire gas heating. Includes Ribbon Burner.

- second side jacketed for cold water/glycol cooling

- Interior food grade ground (120 grit)

- side manway, rectangular, 17-5/16 x 13, outward openingin 305 SS , Grey EPDM gasket.

- 6 " Thermowell

We have used this tank for 2 years with success. We are currently sizeing up so we are needing to free up space. This tank would be great for anyone making whiskey or rum.

This is a very good deal at 11k. I am having trouble attaching photo.

Please contact me if interested 828-773-7536 or info@southernartisanspirits.com.

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