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I was wondering if anyone is willing to share the size of their stipping still and pot stills that they are using?

In my planning, I seem to be coming up with wanting the larger of the systems that venders provide; I've read that some people wish they had started out larger, but most examples in books and from venders lean towards the smaller stills and completing more runs if necessary. I suppose larger could mean multiple stills of the same size, also.

This leads to a few specific questions:

1. How would the flavor profile change if a still were only filled and ran at 40-50% volume? My intial thought is there would be additional reflux, but maybe no adverse changes in flavor. Are batches linearly scalable?

2. For larger stills at full capacity versus smaller stills running multiple runs, are there any time savings or utility engery differences?

3. Any other warnings with a larger still?

4. has anyone gotten to the point where the copper has become porous or needed patching? I suppose one thing to think about is the depreciation and replacement if necessary.

My initial feeling is to price in the larger stills and run at 50% volume until the demand can catch up; maybe it is more a space and storage issue than processing, but I thought I'd try to spark some conversation on this.


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