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50 ml PET bottles for sale

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For sale 10,000 PET 50ml mini bottles. Our supplier sent us the wrong bottles and they don't want them back. They are still in the original unopened box. Box measures 53" tall X 48" deep X 35" wide. I beleive these bottles use a ROPP type closure that is why we can't use them. Price is $1000.00 picked up in Kelso, TN 37348. We would like to sell the whole box complete. You can email me at seth@prichardsdistillery.compost-1968-0-39911500-1428951700_thumb.jppost-1968-0-98541800-1428951700_thumb.jppost-1968-0-38517800-1428951701_thumb.jppost-1968-0-83045200-1428951701_thumb.jppost-1968-0-35547600-1428951702_thumb.jp

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