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TCW sells Code 7 (aka P7) cartridges too. They're made in the USA by Graver Technologies, who are great about technical support if you need to get really deep in the weeds about filtration.

Graver Pre-filter Cartridges These have a nominal retention rating, meaning they'll filter out 95% of particles at a given micron rating, and 99% of particles at a larger micron rating. They have good dirt-holding capacity, and can be cleaned, backflushed and re-used if you store them properly, e.g. in alcohol or another sterile solution.

Graver Final Filter Cartridges Final filter cartridges are good if you need to filter out organic particulate like yeast or bacteria that are a certain size. In 0.45µ or smaller ratings they're also known as "sterile" cartridges. They're rated to filter out 99.9999999% of particles at a given micron rating.

Final filters tend to be more expensive than pre-filters, so ideally you want some pre-filters "guarding" the final filter, if you need to use final filters at all.

We also sell Activated Carbon Fiber Cartridges with Code 7 ends if you're filtering for color/odor.

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