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sprinkler panel location? - bonded, general, or non-dsp gift shop?

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I want to get a jump on my sprinkler install by having my electrician wire up the panel, anyone have experience on the location?

Also, the panel docs I read say not to mount on an exterior masonry wall due to condensation, but the GSM communicator signal will likely be best on such a wall... I would prefer the gift shop, it is climate controlled, but it is excluded from DSP premises per TTB...

If you have specific knowledge or experience in location of fire sprinkler control panels, I would appreciate your input!


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You are not likely to have the TTB being the ones who have a problem with this. Check with your local municipalities in regards to their fire regulations. The sprinkler controls for our building is in a suite located several hundred feet from suite we are using, the TTB had no problem with this but our local fire marshal tried to say we needed an independent control panel in our space. We were lucky enough to convince him to move off of that very expensive change with the help of the city building official. I hope you can get it figured out.

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