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Greetings from Pennsylvania

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Hello ADI community.

My name is CJ and I and my partners are starting up a distillery operation in Southeastern Pennsylvania where we will be producing various distilled producs from old family reciipes which go back over 200 years. Our families have been in the "moonshine" trade since the early 1800s and we have decided to break with the illegal part of that tradtion and legitimize our products fully.

We have just secured the properly zoned land needed and are now slowly working through the paperwork and the processes of opening a limited distillery in Delaware Country and I took the time to join this wonderful forum in the hopes of garnering experience and advice about naviating the legal process and any possible pitfalls and hurdles which we simple stillmen might overlook.

Thank you and thanks for making this wonderful forum.

- CJ

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Thank you Zach.

Presently we are starting the incorporation, the TTB and the State licencing in PA but are concerned that we are overlooking something. Figuring out the bond for the TTB also looks a little complicated. Thanks for the offer and it will be taken up, much to your determent. :D

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