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South Carolina Distillery seeking Partner

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Hello, my name is Carl Monday, I am the owner of Dark Water Distillery LLC, located in beautiful Camden, SC. I am seeking a partner for my distillery. My ideal partner would be someone who could invest into the business financially and physically. My distillery has been open for 1 year. We have around 16 products from Bourbon to Corn Whiskey and about everything in between. Business turned a small profit in it's first year and is debt free, however I have suffered a host of health issues, (heart attack and ruptured Appendix, back to back), which has limited my abilities to focus all of my time into the distillery anymore. My ideal partner would be someone willing to buy into the store and work in the store two to three days a week. An ideal partner would have a true passion for distilling and the history behind distiling. My ideal partner would be easy going but goal oriented and organized, (organizqation is my weak side) The store is very small and has plenty of growth potential, I am also getting ready to join a large distributor and will be looking to grow the distribution aspect of the business within the next few months. Please call 803-420-2678 or email to darkwaterdistillery@yahoo.com for more details. I am a 4th generation distiller with family deeply rooted in the distilling business, with me being the first legal distiller in my family. We have very good products with a small but growing customer base. I have worked hard building this business and I am proud of where it is, but I realize that the store could benefit and develop into more if the right person could come along and help the distillery move to the next level. I alone can't get it any further than where it is, I realize that having someone that is strong in the area's were I am weak would greatly benefit the company.


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