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Mill Machines for Distilleries

Uks Inc

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Roller grinder (capacity 1,2 to 1,8 tonne/hour) - Price: $ 6,508.00

Roller grinder (capacity according to the structure 3-4 t/h) - Price: $ 12,620.00

Small capacity machines available as well.


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I have an old roller mill that used to have an elec. motor but now I run off the PTO of my tractor but I don't like the safety factor. If someone wants to come to iowa with a Trailer, I would take 350.00 for it. It works great. I have all the treads loosened up. Let me know thru the Forum if interested.

I have purchased an old poultry hammer mill that I run off a 220 volt motor and it works just fine for me, takes a little longer but really breaks up the corn.

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