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500 gallon Mash Tun / Stripping Sill

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550 nominal gallon capacity (580 actual), 42wx48dx74h, 10 guage stainless steel.

Bottom has a 1" slope to drain.

1" triclamp sample valve with guard.

condensing assembly

6" grain chute.

22" manway in top with gasketed lid, fitted with 5 in 1 pressure vacume vent set at 3 psi positive and .25 psi vac.

4" drain

sparyball assembly ( CPI system) installed in lid through 2" ferrule

mixing motor 3HP with two 6" mixed flow impellers

Double bottom connected to one side jacket to allow direct fire gas heating.

second side jacketed for cold water/ glycol cooling

Interior food grade ground (120 grit)

Side Manway, rectangular, 17-5/16 x 13, outward opening in 305 SS, Grey EPDM gasket.

Manufacture is Custom Metal Craft.

available at http://www.americanbarrelexchange.com/Listing/Details/181592/500-gallon-Mash-Tun-Stripping-Sill


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