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Great Insurance Agent for Surety Bond and Liability


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I had to post this because of the great experience that we have had getting through our bond requirements and general insurance.

Just as background information we were notified 2 days prior to signing our lease that we got the building we were looking at. We needed general insurance and liability insurance turned around in 48 hours. We worked with Aaron Linden at Hub International Mountain states. Not only did he rush to get us our insurance package on time, but we got a better deal than any of the local companies. In addition to this he turned around our Surety Bond in 24 hours after that and we were able to submit our DSP without wasting anymore time.

I never thought I would say this, but our insurance agent is the man. I never write these kinds of reviews, but we had such an overwhelmingly positive experience I would like to share this with anyone looking to start their DSP. Aaron is also an active member on the ADI forum boards and is incredibly knowledgeable about what is required to insure people in our industry. Their contact information is below and I am happy to give a personal recommendation to anyone looking.

HUB International Mountain States Limited

101 S. Main St., Sheridan, WY 82801

Office: 307 672-5833

Ask for Aaron Linden.

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***  QUICK UPDATE  ***

     Although I am with a new agency, I am still me and I still rock the distillery insurance casbah!!!!!!!  Give me a shout on my cell phone at 307-752-5961, or PM me here or send me an email at insuranceman2.0@yahoo.com!  Until then, stay vigilant!

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