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Greetings from the Bay Area

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My name is Alex. I am new the to forum and to the world of distilling. I am a 15 year food service and hospitality workerwho is planning on transitioning into distilling gin as my profession. I am currently researching all I can on beginning this journey and am looking to get as much hands on experiences with distilling as I can.

I've reached out to ADI, Moonshine University, and several other places that offer workshops and courses on distilling, but for the money it is hard to say which one worth the time, travel, and expense. Any suggestions?

I have many other questions and thoughts pertaining to building my business from the ground up, recipes, selecting botanicals, marketing, etc etc, but all that will come. I am very excited to have joined these forums and look forward to learning so much more from all of you.

Thanks so much!

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I am just a newbie but there is a lot of great information here. As well have a look at Home Distiller forum as well. I am researching setting up a distillery and it takes a while. I am confused on the courses but I think the solution is to do a couple, or if you want to make Gin, the find a distillery that has a high amount of their sales in Gin and Vodka. I want to focus on whiskey so I am looking to do a week course at a distillery that mainly sells whiskey. Good luck.

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Welcome, I'm also in the bay area. If I can help you in any way let me know. Roberto.


At your distillery are you in need of an Assistant distiller or any help at all? Like I mentioned before I am looking to get any and all hands on experience that I can that would help me further my knowledge of distilling? I am huge supporter of local craft goods of all caliber and am willing to help in any way I can.



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