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New/Discounted 2000L (17bbl) steam jacket mash tun

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Due to a change of plan from one of my clients, the guys at Still Dragon North America and I now have one of their 2000L (17 BBL) steam jacket mash tuns for sale at a 15% discount. This takes the total to approximately $15300, which is basically a steal for equipment of that size. The piece ships out from Riviera Beach, Fl, which the buyer will have to pay. I can answer any questions regarding specs beyond those provided if need be. Cheers

2000L steam jacket

False bottom

Rake system

4" drain

Spray ball

Adapter for augerpost-11440-0-65517900-1447532464_thumb.jpost-11440-0-01798700-1447532488_thumb.jpost-11440-0-07444000-1447532511_thumb.j

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