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Two 30" Cartridge Filter Housings

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About 6 months ago I purchase two 30" Cartridge Filter Housings and four cartridge filters from stpats.com. I used one filter housing and cartridge and it worked well. However, I decided to go a different direction and no longer need this equipment and filters.

Below is what I have for sale:

(2) 30" Cartridge Filter Housings with 2 sanitary gauges and 2 butterfly valves (purchased for $885 each)

(2) 30" 5 Micron Polypropylene Cartridge Filters (purchased for $75 each)

(1) 30" 0.45 Micron Polypropylene Cartridge Filters (purchased for $90)

Make me an offer for any of the equipment/filters. The more items you buy the more I will discount.post-5596-0-00474700-1447898371_thumb.jp

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