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Hello From Charlotte, NC- Interested in a partner w/ capitol

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Hello to all of the fine folks here and thank you for taking a look. My name is Ben and I am working on a business plan for a start-up local distillery in Charlotte NC. I am a native here and have been working on this for some time now focusing on providing locally produced and bottled spirits to a population of over one million which is growing fast. I have a logo, bottle design, 325 gallon commercial Bane Marie Still, zoning approved warehouse location just behind Uptown Charlotte and plenty of totes to blend, store, proof and ferment. I am looking for a partner who is willing to help financially and who will also be able to contribute at least a semi-commercial level of distillation knowledge to the start-up process and also fully help with every aspect of the business for an ownership stake in something I fully believe will be a regional brand within 3 years of producing our first bottle. If you are looking to go "Pro" and desire an easy to plug in to business model with a full ownership stake then this is your chance!

About me: I am a 32 year old son of a son of a son of the first licensed beer distributor in the Charlotte area post-prohibition. I grew up watching brands grow and fail but fully understand the sales and brand development aspect of the business. I have a BSBA in Business Management from UNCC 2009 and still currently work in the distribution business meaning I am gainfully employed and have an endless amount of contacts and friends to help get our product off the ground at almost any local establishment. I have been an avid homebrewer for years and have decided which products I can reasonably produce that are of extremely high quality but am always willing to grow and learn from others who are willing to share in the work and wealth of a growing and tightly-owned distillery operation given the right circumstance. NC is heavily regulated meaning that we would have only one customer. The NCABC. Out of state, we would be in the same boat as everyone else. The fun part is selling our brand door to door at every location in town that requires high-end core products that have a local appeal and story which so far, few have made the cut. If this sounds interesting to you and you are looking for an opportunity to help us build, produce, and sell a brand and company that you can pass down to your children and children's children then please contact me at QCDistillery@gmail.com for more information. Please note, I am not looking to hire anyone. Your financial contribution, knowledge base, and full commitment to building the brand would be all I am looking for. Slàinte!

-Ben Cunningham

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