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TTB locks deadbolts serial number on lock and keys?


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We seem to be running into problems finding TTB compliant locks. They say they want the deadbolts to have serial numbers on the deadbolt and on the keys. We have searched and called around and there seems to be no one that can help us.

Where can we find 5 or 6 pin deadbolts that has a serial number on the deadbolt and the key. Is that a factory thing or does a locksmith have to put the serial number on it?

Thanks for any info.

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Hey Mulderbri,

Per my interpretation of the CFR 19.192 section (i) states:

(i) A corresponding serial number on the lock and on the key, except for master key locking systems;

Therefore if all necessary ttb locks are keyed to one specific key, the serial numbers need not apply. At least that's the route we went.

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