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Capacity Planning


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I've been working on production goals / personnel and equpment needs / etc for 2016. I wanted to get some feedback on some assumptions I make. We target all of our mashes at about 1.070 which, if fully attenuated, will yield about 9% abv.

We do both a stripping and spirits run. Our data shows our stripping run reduces volume to about 33% of the starting volume and yields, on the average and in the long run, 35% ABV. This assumes adding feints back to the following stripping run. As for the spirits run, we get, again,on the average, a 65% hearts cut. Rum tends to be a bit narrower as the tails seem to show up a bit early. Notwithstanding that 65% figure seems to generally hold true.

Are these numbers close to what you see?

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