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Expanding: what would you have done differently? Best decisions?


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Hello everyone. So, if all goes according to plan I should be in a new facility by June 2016. I'm doing my best to think of all the things I really need to set us up for success and growth at the new location... While sticking to a budget. To give you an idea of where we are and where we're going: current facility is only 2,000 square feet production and storage plus a super small 400 some square foot tasting area. New facility is about 2,300 square feet production and storage plus 4,000 square feet tasting area that includes decent sized private room and outside patio as well as the ability to throw open the garage doors, block off the parking lot and frontage road for events or block party.

So my question is for everyone out there that expanded, moved, etc... What is something you definitely would have changed, designed, or in general done differently? Also, what is the best feature you are very thankful you included?

Looking for any and all input. The more ideas and opinions the better!

For me, the biggest improvements I know I'll definitely be incorporating is 1) outside seating, 2) private room for rental, 3) 14'+ ceilings height, 4) floor drains.

There are some other things I think would be a nice feature to make my life easier (such as ceiling drop down air and electric lines) but we'll see how my bank account looks in the spring...

Thank you ahead of time for everyone's input. With your help and feedback this should be a great move... As long as we don't forget to install the floor drains! Thanks,

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Sorry to see no one has replied to your post, as I'm curious about this as well. We'll be needing to scale up soon. One thing I notice about your plan is the modest increase in production space, from 2k sq feet to 2300 sq feet. For us, increasing sq footage for production will be top priority. Sounds like your move is more intended to increase your capacity to host customers and sell direct. Is that accurate?

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I think to answer your question I need to ask some of my own:

What is your 5 year plan with the new space?

4000 tasting room is quite large, while 2300 "storage" is small. Do you distill yourself or buy in wholesale, repackage and sell?

Sound slike you will be serving food- is that correct?

I do distilling as a passion and have an investment on the side. My FT job is in senior leadership overseeing growth and expansion for a large company. I am happy to offer a little advice, as I see it.

Merry Christmas

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It all depends on the state that you are in. Can you make and sell cocktails? Can you sell tastings? Can you self distribute? We originally wanted to open in our home state of Forida but ended choosing Arizona. Florida doesnt allow a distillery any financial privileges execept being at the mercy of a distributor. Arizona gives us more flexibility from an entrenuers point of view and at the end of the day its a business first then a craft.

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