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A side hustle in Fort Collins

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I'm a craft distilling nerd/enthusiast in FoCo in Colorado, pleasure to make your aquaintence!

I'm actually working on a barrel-alternative product to age whisky, but I'm having a hell of a time working out if the fire code will allow me to move forward. Part of it involves a steel tank, but it might not be allowed (I'm not sure, I don't speak legal-ese).

But then, I found this product for wine (http://www.moderncooperage.com) which uses a steel tank, so I guess there's a glimmer of hope.

I'm working with some groups inside Colroado State University, but it seems like this area is just so specialized that they don't have connections with that info.

Does anyone here know of a consulting firm/whisky nerd that deals with fire code questions?


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